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-Service time shall be limited to above listed time. If service time runs longer than the stated time, an extended service fee will be added on an hourly basis of $50.00/hr./server.

-Leftover foods not served remain the property of Above & Beyond, however, any served foods will be boxed or bagged for the client.

-Any equipment, dishes, or foods provided by any other service or person other than Above & Beyond are the express responsibility of the client. We do not accept responsibility for damage or breakage, washing, cleaning, returning of any equipment, dishes, linens, etc. other than those provided by Above & Beyond unless prearranged for an additional fee.

-Above & Beyond Catering strictly adheres to the "leave it as you find it" policy. We will clean surfaces, utensils, dishes etc. used by our staff. We replace or use our own items. Therefore, any fees charged by rental service or location site shall be paid solely by the client.

-Deposits are non-refundable. Balance due to be paid at least one full week prior to the date of the event. 10% gratuity to be added on full service events.

-I ____________________________________________________(client) __________(date) agree to pay the above total according to the above listed terms and conditions.